About CFramework

The CFramework is from a girl who very enthusiasts who develop and promote the cframework and the related projects.

Team Members

Constantio - Developer, designer

History of CFramework

Constantio is nick name of Nofriza Nindiyasari a girl with full imagination how to make all work simple as she need. When i make own portal website for movie like TBMR (The Best Movie Review). I put script in TBMR portal in many project that i already develop, for company, single project or goverment.

During the design and implementation, I borrowed many ideas from PHP for application that i build into photography portal website for Indonesian Photographer (Fotografindo). Until i have faced the financial application that need more than just PHP script, but framework that make my work so simple and very simply understanding core.

The first version of CFramework came out in October 2012 and was written in PHP 5, with Oracle10G for Statement Financial Standard product of PT Abhimata Persada, i think why not this product i made with my own framework, that will be running in many database in one single switch. All class and all function can be running in many database without i make a new application for another database. proof-of-concept work, we can say CFramework will be grown up to a serious project that is suitable for business application development.

Make this CFramework happen just not a dream, when i tried the CFramework switch to PostGre and Enterprise DB, its just like change your database type form "A" to "B", simply and i just custom script for another module that i need for many application. Now new project is comming, with MySQL database, and more good concept i grow this framework to make it better and better.

And if you want to try this CFramework, you can try it free, but can't take it free to. Sorry for that, but i hope it will be free framework someday.